The last decade of 1960’s is influencing this coming season. Live colours like red, pink and green prints are flourishing. We like to use natural materials such as wood, wicker, bambu or cork and be different with our tables decorations. We enjoy mixing geometric shapes with round jugs and porcelain.




Lavender colors in flower dispositions, clothes and ribbons. Candles and butterflies. We love to fill the spaces with bird cages and natural things. We like the freedom felt in the countryside, this is why we like the decoration that transmit this liberty.



This year we have the inspiration to create a new style. We are mixing steel with wood. Grey and neutral colors. An urban wedding. Do you dare?



This was thought to be “Old English” a mixture of old and modern, pastel colors in cushion covers, lights, table linens... New ideas added to the elegance of floral and country motifs.

We love this style and we have a lot of furniture that fit this category so that your wedding will be special and unique.


Decade of 1920’s onwards… This style is old, antique and full of restored furniture marked by the course of time. Dark and dusty colors mixed with pinks and off-whites. Vintage furniture is often unique and unrepeatable.