This is our most integrated service. We are at your side right from the start. It does not matter if you do not have a finca or the date. We will help you to decide every detail and every supplier with the aim of creating a very special and unique Wedding. Just as you have imagined.

We are brokers between you and every supplier you choose. We want you to think of your day and how amazing it will be. We want you to relax and trust that we have everything under control. We are by your side at any time in order to decide the best options for your needs. The best for you is the best for us. Our aim is that you can feel that everything is covered. Do not worry as we are here to solve all what might happen the previous months.

We offer you:

- Decision of the Wedding place and date

- Decision of suppliers (Catering, photographer, car, confectionery, florists, guest transports...)

- Regular meetings with us in order to talk and solve any question

- Advisory service for the bride regards the dress, accessories, make up and hair dresser

- Advisory service for the groom regards the suit

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The big day has finally arrived. After a long process of preparation, today your dream is going to come true. Every detail will connect to each other today and your day will be wonderful. Remember, we have everything under control.

Today you just have to be happy, enjoy as much as you can and laugh with all the people is there for you.

Let us prepare everything and all will be ready for the moment.

We will guide you during this day so you can enjoy of every detail prepared with passion and love.

We will watch for your guests guiding them at any moment. They will know where they have to go and what is the next step.

This is the most important service as it is the moment to show all what we have been preparing... and it will be perfect.

We offer you:

- Coordination of all the suppliers

- Support for all yout guests

- Coordination in the ceremony (entrance, readings, music, exit, petals)

- Coordination for the surprises and details you want to process at any moment. We will coordinate the preparation and the timing.

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We imagine, we design, we create the Wedding of your dreams. An exclusive Wedding made just for you. We adapt to your needs, tastes and wishes. We work together with you to create every detail and every space for the Big day. We turn your wishes into reality. This is why we create new and magical spaces filling them with light and colors. What we try to achieve is to cause feelings and experiences in order your guests and you to remember all your life this special day.

This is the funniest and the most magic service. We want you to enjoy with us while creating, dreaming and imagining with us.

We offer you:

- Design of every space to decorate (civil or religious ceremony, appetizer, wedding reception, photocall, open bar, etc)

- Purchase or rental of furniture

- Flowers decoration of every space

- Invitations, guest presents, signage, etc

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